Algorithm Design Basics

Algorithm design considerations for code generation, behavior of generated code


coder.allowpcode Control code generation from protected MATLAB files
coder.ceval Call external C/C++ function
coder.cinclude Include header file in generated code
coder.cstructname Name structure in generated code
coder.extrinsic Declare extrinsic function or functions
coder.inline Control inlining in generated code
coder.load Load compile-time constants from MAT-file or ASCII file into caller workspace
coder.nullcopy Declare uninitialized variables
coder.opaque Declare variable in generated code
coder.ref Pass argument by reference as read input or write output
coder.rref Pass argument by reference as read-only input Determine if code generation target is specified target
coder.unroll Copy body of for-loop in generated code for each iteration
coder.varsize Declare variable-size array
coder.wref Pass argument by reference as write-only output
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