Basic Operations

Initialize, run, reset, and terminate System object™


stepImpl System output and state update equations
setupImpl Initialize System object
resetImpl Reset System object states
releaseImpl Release resources
validateInputsImpl Validate inputs to System object
isInputSizeLockedImpl Locked input size status
getNumInputsImpl Number of inputs to the System object
getNumOutputsImpl Number of outputs from System object
isDoneImpl End-of-data flag
getGlobalNamesImpl Global variable names for MATLAB System block
infoImpl Information about System object


matlab.System Base class for System objects
matlab.system.mixin.FiniteSource Finite source mixin class
matlab.system.StringSet Set of valid character vector values

Examples and How To

Define Basic System Objects

This example shows how to create a basic System object that increments a number by one.

Insert System Object Code Using MATLAB Editor

Instructions for inserting code for properties, methods, inputs and outputs, and states using the System object editing options in MATLAB® Editor.

Analyze System Object Code

Use the Analyzer to view and navigate your System object code.

Use Enumerations in System Objects

Define enumerated data for use in System objects

Use Global Variables in System Objects

Define global variables for use in System objects

Change Number of Inputs or Outputs

This example shows how to specify two inputs and two outputs to a System object .

Validate Property and Input Values

This example shows how to verify that the user's inputs and property values are valid.

Specify Locked Input Size

This example shows how to specify whether the size of a System object input is locked.

Reset Algorithm State

This example shows how to reset an object state.

Release System Object Resources

This example shows how to release resources allocated and used by the System object.

Define Finite Source Objects

This example shows how to define a System object that performs a specific number of steps or specific number of reads from a file.

Define Composite System Objects

This example shows how to define System objects that include other System objects.

Define System Object Information

This example shows how to define information to display for a System object.


What Are System Objects?

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System Objects in Simulink

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System Object Methods

Using methods to process or obtain information on System objects

System Design in Simulink Using System Objects

Steps for designing systems in Simulink using System objects

Methods Timing

Order in which methods are called and executed

System Objects in MATLAB Code Generation

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Best Practices for Defining System Objects

System objects best practices

Simulink Engine Interaction with System Object Methods

Follow a process view of the order in which the MATLAB System block invokes System object methods within the context of the Simulink engine.

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