Block Libraries

Blocks that represent equations and modeling concepts
  • Block Library Basics
    Browse and search block libraries using the Simulink Library Browser
  • Continuous
    Blocks that define continuous states, such as Integrator and Transfer Fcn
  • Discontinuities
    Blocks that define discontinuous states, such as Saturation and Quantizer
  • Discrete
    Blocks that define discrete states, such as Discrete-Time Integrator and Unit Delay
  • Logic and Bit Operations
    Blocks that perform logic and bit operations, such as Logical Operator and Relational Operator
  • Lookup Tables
    Blocks that model nonlinearity with lookup tables, such as 1-D and 2-D Lookup Table
  • Math Operations
    Blocks that perform mathematical operations, such as Gain and Sum
  • Model Verification
    Blocks that perform model verification, such as Assertion and Check Dynamic Range
  • Model-Wide Utilities
    Blocks that support model-wide operations, such as DocBlock and Trigger-Based Linearization
  • Ports and Subsystems
    Blocks that support ports and subsystems, such as Inport and Subsystem
  • Signal Attributes
    Blocks that support signal attributes, such as Data Type Conversion and Rate Transition
  • Signal Routing
    Blocks that support signal routing, such as Bus Creator and Mux
  • Sinks
    Blocks that receive output from other blocks, such as Outport and Scope
  • Sources
    Blocks that provide Input to other blocks, such as Constant and Sine Wave
  • User-Defined Functions
    Blocks that support custom functions, such as Fcn and MATLAB Function
  • Additional Math and Discrete
    Blocks that provide additional math and discrete support, such as Fixed-Point State Space and Increment Stored Integer
  • HDL Coder
    Blocks that can be used to design and simulate systems intended for HDL code generation
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