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Block Masks

Create customized appearance, create user–defined interface, encapsulate logic, and hide data for subsystems and custom blocks

Simulink® enables you to create block masks. A mask is a custom user interface for a block.

By masking a block you encapsulate the block diagram to have its own parameter dialog box with its own block description, parameter prompts, and help texts.

You can mask an independent custom block that you can reuse as unique blocks like those defined in Simulink.

To know about creating a block mask, see Create a Simple Mask.


Simulink.Mask Control masks programmatically
Simulink.MaskParameter Control mask parameters programmatically
Simulink.dialog.Control Create instances of dialog control

Examples and How To

Introduction to Masking

Masking Fundamentals

Learn the basics about masking and when to mask blocks.

Create a Simple Mask

Create and customize a block mask.

Manage Existing Masks

View or edit an existing block mask.

Mask Editor User Interface

Mask Editor Overview

Create and customize masks using the to Mask Editor interface.

Design a Mask Dialog Box using the Parameters & Dialog Pane

Try this example to create a mask dialog box and understand the use of some Mask Editor features.

Masking Features

Mask Callback Code

Add and execute mask callback code.

Initialize Mask

Use MATLAB® code to initialize a block mask.

Promote Parameter to Mask

Expose specific block parameters to the mask.

Control Masks Programmatically

Create and edit block masks from the MATLAB command line.

Pass Values to Blocks Under the Mask

Specify input values using the mask dialog box.

Mask Linked Blocks

Add custom interface to linked blocks.

Mask a Variant Subsystem

Recommended way to mask a Variant Subsystem block.

Mask Callbacks

Dynamic Mask Dialog Box

Change the mask dialog box based on user - input.

Dynamic Masked Subsystem

Create masked library blocks that can modify their structural contents.

Debug Masks That Use MATLAB Code

Troubleshoot errors in the mask initialization code.

Model Mask

Introduction to Model Mask

Learn about masking a model.

Create and Reference a Masked Model

How to mask a model interactively.

Control Model Mask Programmatically

How to mask a model programmatically.

Example Models

Masking Example Models

View Simulink models that demonstrate masking capabilities.

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