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Configure S-function block to work with buses

S-Function Callback Methods

mdlInitializeSizes Specify the number of inputs, outputs, states, parameters, and other characteristics of the C MEX S-function

SimStruct Functions

ssGetBusElementComplexSignal Get the signal complexity for a bus element
ssGetBusElementDataType Get the data type identifier for a bus element
ssGetBusElementDimensions Get the dimensions of a bus element
ssGetBusElementName Get the name of a bus element
ssGetBusElementNumDimensions Get the number of dimensions for a bus element
ssGetBusElementOffset Get the offset from the start of the bus data type to a bus element
ssGetNumBusElements Get the number of elements in a bus signal
ssGetSFcnParamName Get the value of a block parameter for an S-function block
ssIsDataTypeABus Determine whether a data type identifier represents a bus signal
ssRegisterTypeFromParameter Register a data type that a parameter in the Simulink data type table specifies
ssRegisterTypeFromNamedObject Register a custom data type from a Simulink.AliasType, Simulink.NumericType, or Simulink.Bus object.
ssSetBusInputAsStruct Specify whether to convert the input bus signal for an S-function from virtual to nonvirtual
ssSetBusOutputAsStruct Specify whether the output bus signal from an S-function must be virtual or nonvirtual
ssSetBusOutputObjectName Specify the name of the bus object that defines the structure and type of the output bus signal


S-Function Callback Methods

Description of S-function callback methods

S-Function SimStruct Functions

Overview of SimStruct macros and functions.

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