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coder.BuildConfigBuild context during code generation
coder.ExternalDependencyInterface to external code
eventDataProvide information about block method execution events
LibraryBrowser.LibraryBrowser2Simulink Library Browser Datastore for Simulation Data Inspector signals for inputs and outputs of Simulink models
matlab.system.display.ActionCustom button
matlab.system.display.HeaderHeader for System objects properties
matlab.system.display.IconCustom icon image
matlab.system.display.SectionProperty group section for System objects
matlab.system.display.SectionGroupSection group for System objects
matlab.system.mixin.CustomIconCustom icon mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.NondirectNondirect feedthrough mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.PropagatesSignal characteristics propagation mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.SampleTimeControl sample time for System objects in Simulink
ModelAdvisor.PreferencesSet Model Advisor window preferences by specifying which folders and tabs to display
Simulink.AliasType Create alias for signal and parameter data type
Simulink.AnnotationSpecify properties of model annotation
Simulink.BlockCompDworkDataProvide postcompilation information about block's DWork vector
Simulink.BlockCompInputPortDataProvide postcompilation information about block input port
Simulink.BlockCompOutputPortDataProvide postcompilation information about block output port
Simulink.BlockDataProvide run-time information about block-related data, such as block parameters
Simulink.BlockPortDataDescribe block input or output port
Simulink.BlockPreCompInputPortDataProvide precompilation information about block input port
Simulink.BlockPreCompOutputPortDataProvide precompilation information about block output port
Simulink.BreakpointStore and share data for a breakpoint set, configure the data for ASAP2 and AUTOSAR code generation
Simulink.Bus Specify properties of bus signal
Simulink.BusElement Describe element of bus signal
Simulink.CoderInfo Specify information needed to generate code for signal or parameter data
Simulink.ConfigSetModel configuration set
Simulink.ConfigSetRefLink model to configuration set stored independently of any model data dictionary data dictionary entry enumerated type definition in data dictionary data dictionary section
Simulink.dialog.ControlCreate instances of dialog control
Simulink.DualScaledParameter Specify name, value, units, and other properties of Simulink dual-scaled parameter
Simulink.GlobalDataTransferConfigure concurrent execution data transfers
Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignalsAccess logged signals in model
Simulink.HMI.SignalSpecificationInformation for logging a signal
Simulink.LookupTableStore and share lookup table and breakpoint data, configure the data for ASAP2 and AUTOSAR code generation
Simulink.lookuptable.BreakpointConfigure breakpoint set data for lookup table object
Simulink.lookuptable.EvenspacingConfigure even spacing set data for lookup table object
Simulink.lookuptable.StructTypeInfoConfigure settings for structure type that lookup table object uses in the generated code
Simulink.lookuptable.TableConfigure table data for lookup table object
Simulink.MaskControl masks programmatically
Simulink.MaskParameterControl mask parameters programmatically
Simulink.MDLInfoExtract model file information without loading block diagram into memory
Simulink.MDLInfo.getDescriptionExtract model file description without loading block diagram into memory
Simulink.MDLInfo.getMetadataExtract model file metadata without loading block diagram into memory
Simulink.ModelAdvisorRun Model Advisor from MATLAB file
Simulink.ModelWorkspaceDescribe model workspace
Simulink.MSFcnRunTimeBlockGet run-time information about Level-2 MATLAB S-function block
Simulink.NumericTypeSpecify floating point, integer, or fixed point data type
Simulink.ParameterStore, share, and configure block parameter values
Simulink.RunTimeBlockAllow Level-2 MATLAB S-function and other MATLAB programs to get information about block while simulation is running
Simulink.SampleTimeObject containing sample time information
Simulink.sdi.DatasetRefAccess data in Simulation Data Inspector repository
Simulink.sdi.DiffRunResultAccess run comparison metadata
Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResultAccess signal comparison results
Simulink.sdi.RunAccess run signals and metadata
Simulink.sdi.Signal Access signal data and metadata
Simulink.sdi.WorkerRun Access simulation data from parallel workers
Simulink.sfunction.AnalyzerCreate a Simulink S-function analyzer object
Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.BuildInfo Create an object to represent build information
Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options Create an object to specify options for running S-function checks
Simulink.SignalSpecify attributes of signal
Simulink.SimState.ModelSimState Access SimState snapshot data
Simulink.SimulationData.BlockPathFully specified Simulink block path
Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetCreate Simulink.SimulationData.Dataset object
Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetRefCreate Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetRef object
Simulink.SimulationData.DataStoreMemoryContainer for data store logging information
Simulink.SimulationData.LoggingInfoSignal logging override settings
Simulink.SimulationData.ModelLoggingInfoSignal logging override settings for a model
Simulink.SimulationData.SignalContainer for signal logging information
Simulink.SimulationData.SignalLoggingInfoSignal logging override settings for signal
Simulink.SimulationData.StateState logging element
Simulink.SimulationData.UnitStore units for simulation data
Simulink.SimulationInputCreates SimulationInput objects to make changes to a model for multiple or individual simulations
Simulink.SimulationMetadataAccess metadata of simulation runs
Simulink.SimulationOutputAccess object values of simulation results
Simulink.SuppressedDiagnosticSuppress diagnostic messages from a specified block
Simulink.VariableUsageStore information about the relationship between variables and blocks in models
Simulink.VariantSpecify conditions that control variant selection
Simulink.VariantConfigurationDataClass representing a variant configurations data object
Simulink.VariantManagerClass representing a set of Variant Manager functionality
Simulink.WorkspaceVar Contains information about workspace variables and blocks that use them
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