Composite Signals

Use buses to group signals and reduce model complexity

A bus is a composite signal, a signal that is composed of other signals. See Composite Signals.


Bus Assignment Replace specified bus elements
Bus Creator Create signal bus
Bus Selector Select signals from incoming bus
Bus to Vector Convert virtual bus to vector
Demux Extract and output elements of vector signal
Mux Combine several input signals into vector


Simulink.BlockDiagram.addBusToVector Add Bus to Vector blocks to convert virtual bus signals into vector signals
Simulink.Bus.cellToObject Convert cell array containing bus information to bus objects
Simulink.Bus.createMATLABStruct Create MATLAB structures using same hierarchy and attributes as bus signals
Simulink.Bus.createObject Create bus objects from blocks or MATLAB structures
Simulink.Bus.objectToCell Convert bus objects to cell array containing bus information Save bus objects in MATLAB file
slreplace_mux Replace Mux blocks used to create buses with Bus Creator blocks


Simulink.Bus Specify properties of signal bus
Simulink.BusElement Describe element of signal bus
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