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Customize System Objects for Simulink

Customize System object™ for use in MATLAB System block

The MATLAB System block enables a System object defined in MATLAB® to be used as a block in Simulink®. To control the block appearance or output, or to enable System object usage in a For Each subsystem, use the provided implementation methods to customize your System object. For more information about defining a System object, see Define Basic System Objects (MATLAB) or System Objects (MATLAB).


getIconImpl Name to display as block icon
getHeaderImpl Header for System object display
getInputNamesImpl Names of System block input ports
getOutputNamesImpl Names of System block output ports
getPropertyGroupsImpl Property groups for System object display
getSimulateUsingImpl Specify value for Simulate using parameter
showSimulateUsingImpl Simulate Using visibility
showFiSettingsImpl Fixed point data type tab visibility for System objects
allowModelReferenceDiscreteSampleTimeInheritanceImpl Model reference sample time inheritance status for discrete sample times
getGlobalNamesImpl Global variable names for MATLAB System block
getDiscreteStateImpl Discrete state property values
getDiscreteStateSpecificationImpl Discrete state size, data type, and complexity
getOutputDataTypeImpl Data types of output ports
getOutputSizeImpl Sizes of output ports
isOutputComplexImpl Complexity of output ports
isOutputFixedSizeImpl Fixed- or variable-size output ports
propagatedInputComplexity Complexity of input during Simulink propagation
propagatedInputDataType Data type of input during Simulink propagation
propagatedInputFixedSize Fixed-size status of input during Simulink propagation
propagatedInputSize Size of input during Simulink propagation
isInputDirectFeedthroughImpl Direct feedthrough status of input
outputImpl Output calculation from input or internal state of System object
updateImpl Update object states based on inputs
supportsMultipleInstanceImpl Support System object in Simulink For Each subsystem


matlab.system.mixin.CustomIcon Custom icon mixin class
matlab.system.display.Icon Custom icon image
matlab.system.display.Action Custom button
matlab.system.display.Header Header for System objects properties
matlab.system.display.Section Property group section for System objects
matlab.system.display.SectionGroup Section group for System objects
matlab.system.mixin.Propagates Signal characteristics propagation mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.Nondirect Nondirect feedthrough mixin class



Define System Object for Use in Simulink

Develop MATLAB System block and interactively preview block dialog box.

System Design in Simulink Using System Objects

Steps for designing systems in Simulink using System objects

Block Appearance

Customize System Block Appearance

Customize the MATLAB System block icon and the input and output names.

Customize System Block Dialog Box

Customize the MATLAB System block dialog box by adding tabs, groups, description, and more.

Input and Output

Set Model Reference Discrete Sample Time Inheritance

Disallow model reference discrete sample time inheritance for a System object.

Use Enumerations in System Objects

Define enumerated data for use in System objects

Use Global Variables in System Objects

Define global variables for use in System objects

Specify Output

If Simulink cannot infer the System object output characteristics, add methods to specify the size, data type, complexity, or discrete state output.

Special Use Cases

Use Update and Output for Nondirect Feedthrough

Implement nondirect feedthrough for a System object using the updateImpl, outputImpl and isInputDirectFeedthroughImpl methods.

Enable For Each Subsystem Support

Enable For Each subsystem support by using a System object in a Simulink For Each subsystem.

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