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Dependency Analysis

Find required files, perform impact analysis

Simulink® Projects help you to organize large modeling projects by finding required files, managing and sharing files and settings, and interacting with source control. See What Are Simulink Projects?.


simulinkproject Open Simulink Project and get project object
listRequiredFiles Get project file dependencies
dependencies.fileDependencyAnalysis Find model file dependencies
dependencies.toolboxDependencyAnalysis Find toolbox dependencies

Examples and How To

Project Dependency Analysis

Run Dependency Analysis

Find required files for a whole Simulink project or for specified files, and control options for external toolboxes and incremental analysis.

Perform Impact Analysis

Visualize dependencies in a Simulink project, assess the impact of changing selected files, find required toolboxes, and run test files.

Check Dependency Results and Resolve Problems

How to fix problems in dependency results using the Simulink Project Impact graph or table view.

Find Requirements Documents in a Project

View and open requirements documents in a Simulink project, linked using the Requirements Management Interface, visualize dependencies, and find specific blocks containing requirements links.

Save, Open, and Compare Dependency Analysis Results

Save results in a file to view and compare without repeating the dependency analysis.

Model Dependency Analysis

Analyze Model Dependencies

Find required files for a single model, create manifests and reports, programmatically check for file and toolbox dependencies, and package required files.

Model Dependency Viewer

How to view libraries and models referenced by your model.


What Is Dependency Analysis?

Discover required files and toolboxes for a whole project or for a single model.

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