Discrete time function blocks such as Unit Delay


Discrete-Time IntegratorPerform discrete-time integration or accumulation of signal
Unit DelayDelay signal one sample period
DelayDelay input signal by fixed or variable sample periods
DifferenceCalculate change in signal over one time step
Discrete DerivativeCompute discrete-time derivative
Discrete FIR FilterModel FIR filters
Discrete Filter Model Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters
Discrete PID ControllerSimulate continuous- or discrete-time PID controllers
Discrete PID Controller (2 DOF)Simulate continuous- or discrete-time two-degree-of-freedom PID controllers
Discrete State-SpaceImplement discrete state-space system
Discrete Transfer Fcn Implement discrete transfer function
Discrete Zero-PoleModel system defined by zeros and poles of discrete transfer function
First-Order HoldImplement first-order sample-and-hold
MemoryOutput input from previous time step
Resettable DelayDelay input signal by variable sample period and reset with external signal
Tapped DelayDelay scalar signal multiple sample periods and output all delayed versions
Transfer Fcn First OrderImplement discrete-time first order transfer function
Transfer Fcn Lead or LagImplement discrete-time lead or lag compensator
Transfer Fcn Real ZeroImplement discrete-time transfer function that has real zero and no pole
Variable Integer DelayDelay input signal by variable sample period
Zero-Order HoldImplement zero-order hold of one sample period
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