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Simulink Examples

Getting Started

Getting Started With the Simulink Environment (3 min, 27 sec)Getting Started With the Simulink Environment (3 min, 27 sec)Video
Loading and Logging Data (3 min, 51 sec)Loading and Logging Data (3 min, 51 sec)Video
Creating and Masking Subsystems (2 min, 20 sec)Creating and Masking Subsystems (2 min, 20 sec)Video
Visualizing Results in Simulink (2 min, 52 sec)Visualizing Results in Simulink (2 min, 52 sec)Video
Using Solvers (2 min, 27 sec)Using Solvers (2 min, 27 sec)Video
Using MATLAB Function block to incorporate MATLAB Code in Simulink Models (2 min, 11 sec)Using MATLAB Function block to incorporate MATLAB Code in Simulink Models (2 min, 11 sec)Video
Creating Libraries (2 min, 18 sec)Creating Libraries (2 min, 18 sec)Video
Using Configurable Subsystems (1 min, 4 sec)Using Configurable Subsystems (1 min, 4 sec)Video

General Applications

Simulation of a Bouncing BallModel
Single Hydraulic Cylinder SimulationModel
Thermal Model of a HouseModel
Approximating Nonlinear Relationships: Type S ThermocoupleScript
Digital Waveform Generation: Approximating a Sine WaveScript
Accurate Zero-Crossing DetectionModel
Spiral Galaxy Formation Simulation Using MATLAB® Function BlocksScript
Modulo-4 Counter Using Flip-FlopsModel
Counters Using Conditionally Executed SubsystemsModel
Friction Model with Hard StopsModel
State EventsModel
Bang-Bang Control Using Temporal LogicModel
Inverted Pendulum with AnimationModel
Double Spring Mass SystemModel
Tank Fill and Empty with AnimationModel
Simulating Systems with Variable Transport Delay PhenomenaModel
Modeling a Foucault PendulumModel
Foucault Pendulum Model with VRML VisualizationModel
Exploring Variable-Step Solvers Using a Stiff ModelModel
Exploring the Solver Jacobian Structure of a ModelModel
Double Bouncing Ball: Use of Adaptive Zero-Crossing LocationModel
Four Hydraulic Cylinder SimulationModel
Two Cylinder Model with Load ConstraintsModel

Automotive Applications

Modeling a Fault-Tolerant Fuel Control SystemModel
Using a Data Dictionary to Manage the Data for a Fuel Control SystemModel

Modeling Engine Timing Using Triggered SubsystemsModel
Engine Timing Model with Closed Loop ControlModel
Building a Clutch Lock-Up ModelModel
Modeling Clutch Lock-Up Using If BlocksModel
Modeling an Anti-Lock Braking SystemModel
Automotive SuspensionModel
Modeling an Automatic Transmission ControllerModel
Vehicle Electrical System
Uses: SimPowerSystems
Simulating Automatic Climate Control SystemsModel
Vehicle Electrical and Climate Control Systems
Uses: SimPowerSystems
Power Window Control Project
Uses: Simscape, SimMechanics, SimPowerSystems, DSP System Toolbox, Fixed-Point Designer, Simulink Verification and Validation, Simulink Real-Time

Aerospace Applications

Developing The Apollo Lunar Module Digital AutopilotModel
Designing a High Angle of Attack Pitch Mode ControlModel
Six Degrees of Freedom (6-DoF) Motion PlatformModel
Aircraft Longitudinal Flight ControlModel
Radar Tracking Using MATLAB® Function BlockModel
Optical Sensor Image GenerationScript
Air Traffic Control Radar DesignScript
Designing a Guidance System in MATLAB® and Simulink®Model
Airframe Trim and LinearizeScript

Industrial Automation Applications

Anti-Windup Control Using a PID ControllerModel
Bumpless Control Transfer Between Manual and PID ControlModel
Two Degree-of-Freedom PID Control for Setpoint TrackingModel

Modeling Features

Signals and Buses

Data Typing in Simulink®Model
Data Typing FilterModel
Converting Test Harness Model to Harness-Free ModelModel
Using Simulink Mapping Modes in Custom Mapping FunctionsScript
Custom Mapping for External Inputs of a ModelScript
Simulink® Bus SignalsModel
Modeling Arrays of BusesModel
Matrix SignalsModel
Variable-Size Signal Basic OperationsModel
Variable-Size Signal Length AdaptationModel
Multimode Variable-Size SignalModel
Parallel Channel Power AllocationModel
Merging SignalsModel
Migration to Structure Parameters
Uses: Simulink Coder


Simulink® Subsystem SemanticsModel
If-Then-Else BlocksModel
Triggered SubsystemsModel
Enabled SubsystemsModel
Advanced Enabled SubsystemsModel
Variant SubsystemsModel
Block PriorityModel

Model Reference

Component-Based Modeling with Model ReferenceModel
Viewing Signals in Model Reference Instances
Visualizing Model Reference ArchitecturesModel
Introduction to Managing Data with Model ReferenceModel
Detailed Workflow for Managing Data with Model Reference
Interface Specification Using Bus ObjectsModel
Converting Subsystems to Model ReferenceModel
Using Data Stores Across Multiple ModelsModel
Model Reference Function-CallModel
Protected Models for Model Reference
Uses: Simulink Coder
Model Reference VariantsModel

Modeling Concurrency

Modeling Concurrent Execution on Multicore Targets
Uses: Simulink Coder, HDL Coder
Modeling Objects with Identical Dynamics using For Each SubsystemModel
Vectorizing a Scalar Algorithm with For Each SubsystemModel
Tiled Processing of 2D Signals with For Each SubsystemModel

Model Management

Using a Simulink® ProjectScript
Running Batch Jobs with a Simulink® ProjectScript
Converting from MDL to SLX Model File Format in a Simulink ProjectScript
Automate Label Management in a Simulink® ProjectScript
Perform Impact Analysis with a Simulink® ProjectScript

Custom Blocks with S-functions, System Objects and Legacy Code Tool

Custom Code and Hand Coded Blocks using the S-function APIModel
Inputs Passed by Value or Address to Legacy FunctionsScript
Output Passed by Return Argument from Legacy FunctionsScript
Fixed Point Signals in Legacy FunctionsScript
Fixed Point Parameters in Legacy FunctionsScript
Lookup Tables Implemented in Legacy FunctionsScript
Start and Terminate Actions within Legacy FunctionsScript
Using Buses with Legacy Functions Having Structure ArgumentsScript
Inherited Signal Dimensions for Legacy Function ArgumentsScript
C++ Object Methods as Legacy FunctionsScript
Persistent Memory within Legacy FunctionsScript
Multi-Dimensional Signals in Legacy FunctionsScript
Complex Signals in Legacy FunctionScript
Specified or Inherited Sample Time with Legacy FunctionsScript
System Identification for an FIR System Using MATLAB System BlocksModel
MATLAB System Block with Variable-Size Input and Output SignalsModel
Illustration of Law of Large NumbersModel

Lookup Tables

Interpolation Algorithm Selection and Trajectory AnimationModel
Using the Prelookup and Interpolation BlocksModel
Saving Memory in Prelookup and Interpolation Blocks by Using Smaller DataModel

Model Optimization

Model AdvisorModel
Simulink® Model Discretizer
Uses: Control System Toolbox
Introduction to Profiling ModelsScript

Simulation Performance

Introduction to Accelerating ModelsScript
Determining Why Simulink® Accelerator™ is Regenerating CodeScript
Parallel Simulations Using Parfor: Test-Case SweepScript
Parallel Simulations Using Parfor: Parameter Sweep in Normal ModeScript
Parallel Simulations Using Parfor: Parameter Sweep in Rapid Accelerator ModeScript
Rapid Accelerator Simulations Using PARFORScript

Simulation Data Logging

Logging States in Structure FormatScript
Saving and Restoring Simulation Using SimStateScript
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