Alphabetical List By Category
addFileAdd file to Simulink Project
addFolderIncludingChildFilesAdd folder and child files to Simulink Project
addLabelAttach label to Simulink Project file
addPathAdd folder to path of Simulink project
addReferenceAdd referenced project to Simulink project
addShortcutAdd shortcut to Simulink project
addShutdownFileAdd shutdown file to project
addStartupFileAdd startup file to project
addtermsAdd terminators to unconnected ports in model
add_blockAdd block to model
add_exec_event_listenerRegister listener for block method execution event
add_lineAdd line to Simulink model
add_paramAdd parameter to Simulink system
applyToModelApply changes to the model specified through a SimulationInput object, in
attachConfigSetAssociate configuration set or configuration reference with model
attachConfigSetCopyCopy configuration set or configuration reference and associate it with model
bdcloseClose any or all Simulink system windows unconditionally
bdIsDirtyWhether block diagram has unsaved changes
bdIsLibraryWhether block diagram is a library
bdIsLoadedWhether block diagram is in memory
bdrootReturn name of top-level Simulink system
closeClose Simulink Project
closeDialogClose configuration parameters dialog
close_systemClose Simulink system window or block dialog box
coder.allowpcodeControl code generation from protected MATLAB files
coder.BuildConfigBuild context during code generation
coder.BuildConfig.getHardwareImplementationGet handle of copy of hardware implementation object
coder.BuildConfig.getStdLibInfoGet standard library information
coder.BuildConfig.getTargetLangGet target code generation language
coder.BuildConfig.getToolchainInfoReturns handle of copy of toolchain information object
coder.BuildConfig.isCodeGenTargetDetermine if build configuration represents specified target
coder.BuildConfig.isMatlabHostTargetDetermine if hardware implementation object target is MATLAB host computer
coder.cevalCall external C/C++ function
coder.cincludeInclude header file in generated code
coder.constFold expressions into constants in generated code
coder.cstructnameName structure in generated code
coder.ExternalDependencyInterface to external code
coder.ExternalDependency.getDescriptiveNameReturn descriptive name for external dependency
coder.ExternalDependency.isSupportedContextDetermine if build context supports external dependency
coder.ExternalDependency.updateBuildInfoUpdate build information
coder.extrinsicDeclare extrinsic function or functions
coder.ignoreConstPrevent use of constant value of expression for function specializations
coder.inlineControl inlining in generated code
coder.loadLoad compile-time constants from MAT-file or ASCII file into caller workspace
coder.nullcopyDeclare uninitialized variables
coder.opaqueDeclare variable in generated code
coder.refPass argument by reference
coder.rrefPass argument by reference as read-only input
coder.screenerDetermine if function is suitable for code generation
coder.targetDetermine if code generation target is specified target
coder.unrollUnroll for-loop by making a copy of the loop body for each loop iteration
coder.updateBuildInfoUpdate build information object RTW.BuildInfo
coder.varsizeDeclare variable-size array
coder.wrefPass argument as write-only reference
convertToSlDatasetConvert contents of MAT-file to Simulink.SimulationData.Dataset object
createCategoryCreate category of Simulink Project labels
createInputDatasetGenerate dataset object for root-level Inport blocks in model
createLabelDefine Simulink Project label
deCreate model or project from template
delete_blockDelete blocks from Simulink system
delete_lineDelete line from Simulink model
delete_paramDelete system parameter added via add_param command
dependencies.fileDependencyAnalysisFind model file dependencies
dependencies.toolboxDependencyAnalysisFind toolbox dependencies
detachConfigSetDissociate configuration set or configuration reference from model
disableimplicitsignalresolutionConvert model to use only explicit signal resolution
dlinmodExtract discrete-time linear state-space model around operating point
docblockGet or set editor invoked by Simulink DocBlock
enumerationDisplay class enumeration members and names
eventDataProvide information about block method execution events
exportExport Simulink Project to zip
ExternalInputSet external inputs for a simulation through SimulationInput object, in
find Access and display values of simulation results
findCategoryGet Simulink Project category of labels
findFileGet Simulink Project file by name
findLabelGet Simulink Project file label
find_mdlrefsFind Model blocks and referenced models at all levels or at top level only
find_systemFind systems, blocks, lines, ports, and annotations
fixdtCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing fixed-point or floating-point data type
fixptbestexpExponent that gives best precision for fixed-point representation of value
fixptbestprecDetermine maximum precision available for fixed-point representation of value
fixpt_evenspace_cleanupModify breakpoints of lookup table to have even spacing
fixpt_interp1Implement 1-D lookup table
fixpt_look1_func_approxOptimize fixed-point approximation of nonlinear function by interpolating lookup table data points
fixpt_look1_func_plotPlot fixed-point approximation function for lookup table
fixpt_set_allSet property for each fixed-point block in subsystem
floatCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing floating-point data type
frameeditEdit print frames for Simulink and Stateflow block diagrams
fxptdlgStart Fixed-Point Tool
gcbGet path name of current block
gcbhGet handle of current block
gcsGet pathname of current system
get Access and display values of simulation results
getActiveConfigSetGet model's active configuration set or configuration reference
getBlockSimState Access SimState of individual Stateflow Chart, MATLAB Function, or S-function block
getCallbackAnnotationGet annotation executing callback
getConfigSetGet one of model's configuration sets or configuration references
getConfigSetsGet names of all of model's configuration sets or configuration references
getfullnameGet pathname of block or line
getInputStringCreate comma-separated list of variables to map
getRootInportMapCreate custom object to map signals to root-level inports
getSimulinkBlockHandleGet block handle from block path
getSlRootInportMapCreate custom object to map signals to root-level inports using Simulink mapping mode
getVariableGet value of variable from workspace
get_paramGet parameter names and values
hasVariableDetermine if variable exists in workspace
hdllibDisplay blocks that are compatible with HDL code generation
hilite_systemHighlight block, signal line, port, or annotation
isLoadedDetermine if Simulink Project is loaded
legacy_codeUse Legacy Code Tool
libinfoGet information about library blocks referenced by model
LibraryBrowser.LibraryBrowser2Simulink Library Browser
linmodExtract continuous-time linear state-space model around operating point
linmod2Extract continuous-time linear state-space model around operating point
linmodv5Extract continuous-time linear state-space model around operating point
listModifiedFilesList modified files in Simulink project
listRequiredFilesGet project file dependencies
loadIntoMemoryLoad logged data into memory
load_systemInvisibly load Simulink model Datastore for Simulation Data Inspector signals for inputs and outputs of Simulink models workspace variables to MATLAB script
matlab.system.display.ActionCustom button
matlab.system.display.HeaderHeader for System objects properties
matlab.system.display.IconCustom icon image
matlab.system.display.SectionProperty group section for System objects
matlab.system.display.SectionGroupSection group for System objects
matlab.system.mixin.CustomIconCustom icon mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.NondirectNondirect feedthrough mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.PropagatesSignal characteristics propagation mixin class
matlab.system.mixin.SampleTimeControl sample time for System objects in Simulink
modelExecute particular phase of simulation of model
modeladvisorOpen Model Advisor
ModelAdvisor.PreferencesSet Model Advisor window preferences by specifying which folders and tabs to display
new_systemCreate Simulink model or library in memory
num2fixptConvert number to nearest value representable by specified fixed-point data type
openDialogOpen configuration parameters dialog
open_systemOpen Simulink model, library, subsystem, or block dialog box
orientPaper orientation for printing or saving
parsimSimulate dynamic system in parallel or serial
performanceadvisorOpen Performance Advisor
PostSimFcn Specify a MATLAB function to run after each simulation is complete through SimulationInput object, in
PreSimFcnSpecify a MATLAB function to run before start of each simulation through SimulationInput object, in
printPrint figure or save to specific file format
refreshSourceControlUpdate source control status of Simulink project files
reloadReload Simulink Project
removeCategoryRemove Simulink Project category of labels
removeFileRemove file from Simulink Project
removeLabelRemove label from Simulink Project
removePathRemove folder from Simulink project path
removeReferenceAdd folder to Simulink project path
removeShortcutRemove shortcut from Simulink project
removeShutdownFile​Remove shutdown file from project shutdown list
removeStartupFileRemove startup file from project startup list
replace_blockReplace blocks in Simulink model
save_systemSave Simulink system
setActiveConfigSetSpecify model's active configuration set or configuration reference
setBlockParameterSet block parameters to be used for a specific simulation through SimulationInput object, in
setBlockSimState Set SimState of individual Stateflow Chart, MATLAB Function, or S-function block
setInitialStateSet initial state to be used for a specific simulation through SimulationInput object, in
setModelParameterSet model parameters to be used for a specific simulation through SimulationInput object, in
setVariableSet variables for a simulation through SimulationInput object, in
set_paramSet system and block parameter values
sfixCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing signed fixed-point data type
sfracCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing signed fractional data type
signalbuilderCreate and access Signal Builder blocks
signalEditorStart Signal Editor
simSimulate dynamic system
simplot Redirects to the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulation ManagerMonitor multiple simulations in one window
simulinkOpen Simulink Start Page
Simulink.AliasType Create alias for signal and parameter data type
Simulink.AnnotationSpecify properties of model annotation
Simulink.architecture.addAdd tasks or triggers to selected architecture of model
Simulink.architecture.configCreate or convert configuration for concurrent execution
Simulink.architecture.deleteDelete triggers and tasks from selected architecture of model
Simulink.architecture.find_systemFind objects under architecture object
Simulink.architecture.get_paramGet configuration parameters of architecture objects
Simulink.architecture.importAndSelectImport and select target architecture for concurrent execution environment for model
Simulink.architecture.profileGenerate profile report for model configured for concurrent execution
Simulink.architecture.registerAdd custom target architecture to concurrent execution target architecture selector
Simulink.architecture.set_paramSet architecture object properties
Simulink.Block.getSampleTimesReturn sample time information for a block
Simulink.BlockCompDworkDataProvide postcompilation information about block's DWork vector
Simulink.BlockCompInputPortDataProvide postcompilation information about block input port
Simulink.BlockCompOutputPortDataProvide postcompilation information about block output port
Simulink.BlockDataProvide run-time information about block-related data, such as block parameters
Simulink.BlockDiagram.addBusToVectorConvert virtual bus signals into vector signals by adding Bus to Vector blocks
Simulink.BlockDiagram.buildRapidAcceleratorTargetBuild Rapid Accelerator target for model and return run-time parameter set
Simulink.BlockDiagram.copyContentsToSubsystemCopy contents of block diagram to empty subsystem
Simulink.BlockDiagram.createSubsystemCreate subsystem containing specified set of blocks
Simulink.BlockDiagram.deleteContentsDelete contents of block diagram
Simulink.BlockDiagram.expandSubsystemExpand subsystem contents to containing model level
Simulink.BlockDiagram.getChecksumReturn checksum of model
Simulink.BlockDiagram.getInitialStateReturn initial state data of block diagram
Simulink.BlockDiagram.getSampleTimesReturn all sample times associated with model
Simulink.BlockDiagram.loadActiveConfigSetLoad, associate, and activate configuration set with model
Simulink.BlockDiagram.propagateConfigSetPropagate top model configuration reference to referenced models
Simulink.BlockDiagram.restoreConfigSetRestore model configuration for converted models
Simulink.BlockDiagram.saveActiveConfigSetSave active configuration set of model
Simulink.BlockPortDataDescribe block input or output port
Simulink.BlockPreCompInputPortDataProvide precompilation information about block input port
Simulink.BlockPreCompOutputPortDataProvide precompilation information about block output port
Simulink.BreakpointStore and share data for a breakpoint set, configure the data for ASAP2 and AUTOSAR code generation
Simulink.Bus Specify properties of bus signal
Simulink.Bus.cellToObjectConvert cell array containing bus information to bus objects
Simulink.Bus.createMATLABStructCreate MATLAB structures using same hierarchy and attributes as bus signals
Simulink.Bus.createObjectCreate bus objects from blocks or MATLAB structures
Simulink.Bus.objectToCellUse bus objects to create cell array containing bus information
Simulink.Bus.saveSave bus objects in MATLAB file
Simulink.BusElement Describe element of bus signal
Simulink.CoderInfo Specify information needed to generate code for signal or parameter data
Simulink.ConfigSetModel configuration set
Simulink.ConfigSetRefLink model to configuration set stored independently of any model variable values in context of Simulink model data dictionary defaults after parallel simulation with data dictionary all connections to all open data dictionaries new data dictionary and create object data dictionary entry enumerated type definition in data dictionary file names and paths of open data dictionaries data dictionary for editing data dictionary section parallel simulation with data dictionary MATLAB expression in context of Simulink model existence of variable in context of Simulink model information about enumerated data type
Simulink.defaultModelTemplateSet or get default model template
Simulink.defineIntEnumTypeDefine enumerated data type
Simulink.dialog.ControlCreate instances of dialog control
Simulink.DualScaledParameter Specify name, value, units, and other properties of Simulink dual-scaled parameter
Simulink.exportToTemplateCreate template from model or project
Simulink.exportToVersionExport model or library for use in previous version of Simulink
Simulink.findTemplatesFind model or project templates with specified properties
Simulink.findVarsAnalyze relationship between variables and blocks in models
Simulink.getFileChecksumChecksum of file
Simulink.getSuppressedDiagnostics Return Simulink.SuppressedDiagnostic objects associated with a block, subsystem, or model
Simulink.GlobalDataTransferConfigure concurrent execution data transfers
Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignalsAccess logged signals in model
Simulink.HMI.SignalSpecificationInformation for logging a signal
Simulink.importExternalCTypesGenerate Simulink representations of custom data types defined by C or C++ code
Simulink.LookupTableStore and share lookup table and breakpoint data, configure the data for ASAP2 and AUTOSAR code generation
Simulink.lookuptable.BreakpointConfigure breakpoint set data for lookup table object
Simulink.lookuptable.EvenspacingConfigure even spacing set data for lookup table object
Simulink.lookuptable.StructTypeInfoConfigure settings for structure type that lookup table object uses in the generated code
Simulink.lookuptable.TableConfigure table data for lookup table object
Simulink.MaskControl masks programmatically
Simulink.MaskParameterControl mask parameters programmatically
Simulink.MDLInfoExtract model file information without loading block diagram into memory
Simulink.MDLInfo.getDescriptionExtract model file description without loading block diagram into memory
Simulink.MDLInfo.getMetadataExtract model file metadata without loading block diagram into memory
Simulink.ModelAdvisorRun Model Advisor from MATLAB file
Simulink.ModelDataLogs.convertToDatasetConvert logging data from Simulink.ModelDataLogs format to Simulink.SimulationData.Dataset format
Simulink.ModelWorkspaceDescribe model workspace
Simulink.MSFcnRunTimeBlockGet run-time information about Level-2 MATLAB S-function block
Simulink.NumericTypeSpecify floating point, integer, or fixed point data type
Simulink.ParameterStore, share, and configure block parameter values
Simulink.restoreDiagnosticRestore diagnostic warnings to a specific block, subsystem, or model
Simulink.RunTimeBlockAllow Level-2 MATLAB S-function and other MATLAB programs to get information about block while simulation is running
Simulink.SampleTimeObject containing sample time information
Simulink.sdi.addToRunAdd data to existing run
Simulink.sdi.cleanupWorkerResourcesClean up worker repositories
Simulink.sdi.clearClear all data from the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.clearPreferencesClear Simulation Data Inspector preference changes
Simulink.sdi.closeClose the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.compareRunsCompare the data in two simulation runs
Simulink.sdi.compareSignalsCompare data from two signals
Simulink.sdi.copyRunCreate a copy of a run
Simulink.sdi.copyRunViewSettingsCopy signal line style and color specifications from one run to another run
Simulink.sdi.createRunCreate a run in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.createRunOrAddToStreamedRun Create a single run for all simulation outputs
Simulink.sdi.DatasetRefAccess data in Simulation Data Inspector repository
Simulink.sdi.deleteRunDelete a run from the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.deleteSignalDelete a signal from the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.DiffRunResultAccess run comparison metadata
Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResultAccess signal comparison results
Simulink.sdi.enablePCTSupportControl how the Simulation Data Inspector works with the Parallel Computing Toolbox
Simulink.sdi.exportRun Create a Simulink.SimulationData.Dataset object of the data in the specified run
Simulink.sdi.getAllRunIDs Get all run identifiers within the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getMarkersOnReturn logical indication of marker property
Simulink.sdi.getRunGet a Simulink.sdi.Run object containing simulation output data
Simulink.sdi.getRunCountGet the number of runs in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getRunIDByIndexGet the run ID corresponding to the specified run index
Simulink.sdi.getRunNamingRuleGet the run naming rule for Simulation Data Inspector runs
Simulink.sdi.getSignalGet a Simulink.sdi.Signal object for the specified signal in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.isPCTSupportEnabledDetermine status for Parallel Computing Toolbox support
Simulink.sdi.isValidRunIDDetermine if run ID is valid
Simulink.sdi.loadLoad a saved Simulation Data Inspector session or view
Simulink.sdi.markSignalForStreamingTurn streaming on or off for a signal
Simulink.sdi.reportGenerate a Simulation Data Inspector report
Simulink.sdi.resetRunNamingRuleReset the Simulation Data Inspector run naming rule to the default
Simulink.sdi.RunAccess run signals and metadata
Simulink.sdi.saveSave current Simulation Data Inspector session
Simulink.sdi.setMarkersOnControl whether markers are shown
Simulink.sdi.setRunNamingRuleSpecify a run naming rule
Simulink.sdi.setRunOverwriteEnable overwrite run mode for a Simulation Data Inspector run
Simulink.sdi.setSubPlotLayoutSet subplot layout in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setTableGroupingChange signal grouping hierarchy in Inspect pane
Simulink.sdi.Signal Access signal data and metadata
Simulink.sdi.viewOpen the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.WorkerRun Access simulation data from parallel workers
Simulink.sfunction.AnalyzerCreate a Simulink S-function analyzer object
Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.BuildInfo Create an object to represent build information
Simulink.sfunction.Analyzer.generateReportGenerate an HTML report of S-function checks
Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options Create an object to specify options for running S-function checks
Simulink.sfunction.Analyzer.runPerform checks on S-functions
Simulink.SignalSpecify attributes of signal
Simulink.SimState.ModelSimState Access SimState snapshot data
Simulink.SimulationData.BlockPathFully specified Simulink block path
Simulink.SimulationData.createStructOfTimeseriesCreate a structure with MATLAB timeseries object leaf nodes
Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetCreate Simulink.SimulationData.Dataset object
Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetRefCreate Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetRef object
Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetRef.getAsDatastoreGet representation of element from referenced Dataset object
Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetRef.getDatasetVariableNamesList names of Dataset variables in MAT-file
Simulink.SimulationData.DataStoreMemoryContainer for data store logging information
Simulink.SimulationData.forEachTimeseriesCall function on each timeseries object
Simulink.SimulationData.LoggingInfoSignal logging override settings
Simulink.SimulationData.ModelLoggingInfoSignal logging override settings for a model
Simulink.SimulationData.SignalContainer for signal logging information
Simulink.SimulationData.SignalLoggingInfoSignal logging override settings for signal
Simulink.SimulationData.signalLoggingSelectorOpen Signal Logging Selector
Simulink.SimulationData.StateState logging element
Simulink.SimulationData.UnitStore units for simulation data
Simulink.SimulationData.Unit.setNameSpecify name of logging data units
Simulink.SimulationData.updateDatasetFormatLoggingConvert model and its referenced models to use Dataset format for signal logging
Simulink.SimulationInputCreates SimulationInput objects to make changes to a model for multiple or individual simulations
Simulink.SimulationMetadataAccess metadata of simulation runs
Simulink.SimulationOutputAccess object values of simulation results
Simulink.SubSystem.convertToModelReferenceConvert subsystem to model reference
Simulink.SubSystem.copyContentsToBlockDiagramCopy contents of subsystem to empty block diagram
Simulink.SubSystem.deleteContentsDelete contents of subsystem
Simulink.SubSystem.getChecksumReturn checksum of nonvirtual subsystem
Simulink.suppressDiagnosticSuppress a diagnostic from a specific block
Simulink.SuppressedDiagnosticSuppress diagnostic messages from a specified block
Simulink.VariableUsageStore information about the relationship between variables and blocks in models
Simulink.VariantSpecify conditions that control variant selection
Simulink.VariantConfigurationDataClass representing a variant configurations data object
Simulink.VariantManagerClass representing a set of Variant Manager functionality
Simulink.WorkspaceVar Contains information about workspace variables and blocks that use them
simulinkprojectOpen Simulink Project and get project object
sintCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing signed integer data type
slbuildBuild standalone executable or model reference target for model; except where noted, this function requires a Simulink Coder license
slCharacterEncodingChange MATLAB character set encoding
sldebugStart simulation in debug mode
sldiagnosticsDisplay diagnostic information about Simulink system
sldiscmdlDiscretize model that contains continuous blocks
slIsFileChangedOnDiskDetermine whether model has changed since it was loaded
slLibraryBrowserOpen Simulink Library Browser
slmdldiscuiOpen Model Discretizer GUI
slprofreportRegenerate profiler report from data, ProfileData, saved from previous run
slproject.createCreate blank Simulink project
slproject.getCurrentProjectsList all top-level Simulink projects
slproject.loadProjectLoad Simulink project
slupdateReplace blocks from previous releases with latest versions
solverprofiler.profileModelExamine model for performance analysis
start_simulinkStart Simulink without opening any windows
trimFind trim point of dynamic system
tunablevars2parameterobjectsCreate Simulink parameter objects from tunable parameters
ufixCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing unsigned fixed-point data type
ufracCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing unsigned fractional data type
uintCreate Simulink.NumericType object describing unsigned integer data type
unpackExtract signal logging objects from signal logs and write them into MATLAB workspace
upgradeadvisorOpen Upgrade Advisor
validateValidate the contents of the SimulationInput object, in
view_mdlrefsDisplay graph of model reference dependencies
whoList names of top-level data logging objects in Simulink ModelDataLogs data log
whosList names and types of top-level data logging objects in Simulink ModelDataLogs data log
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