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About the Library Browser

Use the Library Browser to browse and search Simulink® block libraries for blocks to use in your models. You can also select from a list of your most frequently used blocks.

The following figure shows the Library Browser with:

  • The Sinks library selected from the Libraries pane (left-most pane)

  • The Out1 block selected in the Blocks pane, which lists the blocks from the library selected in the Libraries pane (Sinks, in this example)

  • A Block Description pane for the Out1 block (the block selected in the Blocks pane), at the bottom of the Library browser.

The Library Browser has a search box for searching for blocks or libraries whose names that contain the search term you specify.

The Most Frequently Used Blocks pane displays a list of the blocks you have added the most often.

For details about Library Browser features, see:

For information about key tasks involving the Library Browser, see:

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