Configuration Parameters Dialog Box Overview

The Configuration Parameters dialog box specifies the settings for the active configuration set of a model. The parameters in a configuration set determine the type of solver used, import and export settings, and other values that determine how the model runs. See Configuration Sets for more information.

    Note   You can also use the Model Explorer to modify any configuration set. See Model Explorer Overview for more information.

To open the dialog box, in the Simulink® Editor, select Simulation > Model Configuration Parameters, or click the Model Configuration Parameters button on the Simulink Editor toolbar. In the dialog box, you can view the configuration set in either of two ways. The default Commonly Used Parameters tab displays commonly used parameters by category. The All Parameters tab displays the complete list of user-visible parameters in the configuration set. You can edit parameter values on either the Commonly Used Parameters tab or the All Parameters tab.

Commonly Used Parameters Tab

The Commonly Used Parameters tab groups commonly used configuration parameters into categories. To display the parameters for a specific category, click the category in the Select tree on the left side of the dialog box.

All Parameters Tab

The All Parameters tab includes all user-visible parameters in the configuration set. On this tab you can:

  • Search for specific parameters or filter parameters by category.

  • Sort parameters by column by clicking the column name. To restore the original sort order, click the reset icon in the top left corner.

  • Edit parameter values.

  • View parameter dependencies by expanding the parameter description.

  • Get parameter names that you can use in scripts from the Command-Line Name column.

You can also set each of the parameters in the Configuration Parameters dialog box using the set_param command. The All Parameters tab displays the corresponding command-line name for each parameter.

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