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Documentation Options


In this field, enter a description of the signal.

The description that you specify in the Signal Properties dialog box does not appear in the generated code. To add a signal description as a comment in the generated code, you must use a Simulink® signal object. For more information, see Simulink.Signal.

Document link

In the field that displays documentation for the signal, enter a MATLAB® expression. To display the documentation, click Document Link. For example, entering the expression

web(['file:///' which('foo_signal.html')])

causes the MATLAB software default Web browser to display foo_signal.html when you click the field label.

To set this property programmatically, use the programmatic port parameter DocumentLink:

% Get a handle to the block output port
% that creates the target signal.
portHandles = get_param('myModel/myBlock','portHandles');
outportHandle = portHandles.Outport;

% Set the document link.
'web([''file:///'' which(''foo_signal.html'')])')

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