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Found Pane

About the Found Pane

The Found pane allows you to view and select blocks found by the Library Browser's Search toolbar. The pane displays the blocks found by the tool grouped by library. A banner at the top of each group displays the name of the top-level library containing the found blocks, the number of blocks found in the library, and a button that allows you to hide or display the search results for the library.

You can use the Found pane to perform many of the same tasks you can perform with the Blocks pane, including creating instances of found blocks in models and other libraries, displaying a found block's parameters, and displaying help for a found block. The procedures for these tasks are the same as for the Blocks pane (see Blocks Pane for more information).

Selecting a Found Block in Library View

To select a found block in the Blocks pane, select the block in the Found pane and then select Select in library view from the block's context menu or enter Ctrl+R. This brings the Blocks pane forward in the Library Browser with the found block in view and selected.

Displaying a Found Block's Path

To display the path of a found block, move the cursor over the block. The block's path appears in a tooltip.

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