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Libraries Pane

About the Libraries Pane

The Libraries pane allows you to select block libraries for browsing. The pane displays a tree-structured directory (tree view) of libraries installed on your system, each of whose nodes you can select with your mouse or keyboard. Selecting a node displays the contents of the corresponding library in the Blocks pane. The Libraries pane indicates the selected library via a selection cursor that highlights the corresponding node.

Selecting Nodes

You can use your keyboard or your mouse to select a node in the tree view. To select a node with the mouse, first use the Libraries pane's scroll bars, if necessary, to move the node into view. Then click the node. To select a node with the keyboard, use the keyboard's Up or Down arrow key to move the tree's node selection cursor to the desired node.

    Note:   Selecting a node can cause the Library Browser to update its library data repository (see Library Data Repository). In this case, it displays an advisory dialog box while the update is in process.

Expanding and Collapsing Nodes

To facilitate navigation of large directory trees, the Libraries pane displays libraries containing sublibraries as expandable nodes, each containing a toggle button labeled + or -, depending on whether the node is collapsed or expanded. Clicking the button expands or collapses its node to show or hide the corresponding parent library's children. You can also expand or collapse the currently selected node by pressing the Right or Left arrow keys on your keyboard, respectively.

Refreshing the Tree View

To refresh the tree view displayed in the Libraries pane, select Refresh Tree View from the Library Browser's View menu. The Library Browser adds or removes any libraries from the tree view that have been added or deleted, respectively, from the MATLAB® path since the view was last updated.

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