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Library Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Select Libraries or Blocks panes or tools on the Search toolbarTab
Open a modelCtrl+O
Move node selection down in the Libraries pane tree viewDown arrow
Move node selection up in the Libraries pane tree viewUp arrow
Expand a node in the Libraries pane tree viewRight arrow
Collapse a node in the Libraries pane tree viewLeft arrow
Refresh Tree View paneF5
Layout (List View pane)Ctrl+L
Layout (Grid View pane)Ctrl+G
Select a block found with the search tool in the Blocks paneCtrl+R
Insert the selected block in a new modelCtrl+I
Increase the Library Browser font sizeCtrl++
Decrease the Library Browser font sizeCtrl+-
Use compact block iconsCtrl+1
Use small block iconsCtrl+2
Use medium block iconsCtrl+3
Use large block iconsCtrl+4
Find a blockCtrl+F

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