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Blocks Pane

About the Blocks Pane

The Blocks pane in the Library Browser displays the contents of the library selected in the Libraries pane (see Libraries Pane).

You can use the Blocks pane to browse the contents of the selected library, to view a library block's parameters or help, and to create instances of library blocks in models.

Choosing the Blocks Pane's Layout

The Library Browser can display blocks in either a list (single-column) layout or a screen-saving grid layout. To choose a layout, select List or Grid from the Library Browser's View > Layout menu.


Setting the Library Browser's layout option to grid and its icon size to compact (see Setting Icon Size) results in the most compact display of a library's contents in the Blocks pane.

Setting Icon Size

The Library Browser's View > Icon Size menu allows you to select any of four icon sizes: Compact (Ctrl+1), Small (Ctrl+2), Medium (Ctrl+3), Large (Ctrl+4). The compact option eliminates the use of rectangles to distinguish block icons from library icons and thus takes up the least amount of space. Use this option if you want to maximize the number of icons visible in the Blocks pane.

Selecting Blocks

Many Blocks pane procedures require you to select a block displayed in the pane. To select a block, click it with the mouse. The Library Browser moves the block selection cursor to the selected block.

Creating an Instance of a Library Block in a Model

To create an instance of a library block in an existing model, select the block in the Blocks pane and drag it into the model's window.

To create an instance of a library block in a new model, select the block in the Blocks pane and then select Add to a new model from the library block's context menu or Add Selected Block to a New Model from the Library Browser's Edit menu.

Displaying a Library Block's Parameters

To display a library block's parameter dialog box, double-click the block in the Blocks pane or select Block parameter from the block's context menu.

    Note:   The dialog box is disabled to prevent you from using it to change a library block's parameters.

Displaying Help for a Library Block

To display help for a library block, select the block and then select Help from the block's context menu or from the Library Browser's Help menu.

Displaying the Contents of a Sublibrary

To display the contents of a sublibrary appearing in the Blocks pane, double-click the library. The library's contents replaces the parent's contents in the Blocks pane.

Displaying a Block or Sublibrary's Parent

To display the parent of an item (block or library) displayed in the Blocks pane, select Go to parent from the item's context menu. The contents of the parent replaces the contents of the child in the Blocks pane.

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