Logging and Accessibility Options

Select the Logging and accessibility tab on the Signal Properties dialog box to display controls that enable you to specify signal logging and accessibility options for this signal.

Log signal data

Select this option to cause Simulink® software to save this signal's values to the MATLAB® workspace during simulation. See Export Signal Data Using Signal Logging for details.

Test point

Select this option to designate this signal as a test point. See Test Points for details.

Logging name

This pair of controls, consisting of a list box and an edit field, specifies the name associated with logged signal data.

Simulink software uses the signal's signal name as its logging name by default. To specify a custom logging name, select Custom from the list box and enter the custom name in the adjacent edit field.


This group of controls enables you to limit the amount of data that Simulink software logs for this signal.

The options are as follows.

Limit data points to last

Discard all but the last N data points where N is the number entered in the adjacent edit field.


Log every Nth data point where N is the number entered in the adjacent edit field. For example, suppose that your model uses a fixed-step solver with a step size of 0.1 s. if you select this option and accept the default decimation value (2), Simulink software records data points for this signal at times 0.0, 0.2, 0.4, etc.

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