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Model Configuration Parameters: Model Referencing

The Model Referencing category includes parameters for configuring the inclusion of other models (Model blocks).

On the Configuration Parameters dialog box, the following configuration parameters are on the Commonly Used tab on the Model Referencing pane, or on the All Parameters tab in the Model Referencing category.



Select the method used to determine when to rebuild simulation and Simulink® Coder™ targets for referenced models before updating, simulating, or generating code from this model.

Never rebuild diagnostic

Select the diagnostic action that Simulink software should take if it detects a model reference target that needs to be rebuilt.

Enable parallel model reference builds

Specify whether to use automatic parallel building of the model reference hierarchy whenever possible.

MATLAB worker initialization for builds

Specify how to initialize MATLAB® workers for parallel builds.

Enable strict scheduling checks for referenced export-function models

This parameter enables these checks for referenced export-function models:

  • Scheduling order consistency of function-call subsystems in the referenced model

  • Sample time consistency across the referenced model boundary

Total number of instances allowed per top model

Specify how many references to this model can occur in another model.

Pass fixed-size scalar root inputs by value for code generation

Specify whether a model that calls (references) this model passes its scalar inputs to this model by value.

Minimize algebraic loop occurrences

Try to eliminate artificial algebraic loops from a model that involve the current referenced model

Propagate all signal labels out of the model

Pass propagated signal names to output signals of Model block.

Propagate sizes of variable-size signals

Select how variable-size signals propagate through referenced models.

Model dependencies

You can add user-created dependencies to the set of known target dependencies by using the Model dependencies parameter.

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