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Search Toolbar

About the Search Toolbar

The Library Browser's Search toolbar allows you to search the block libraries installed on your system for blocks whose names contain or match a text string that you specify. The Search toolbar displays the blocks it finds in the Found pane of the Library Browser. You can use the Found pane to view a found block's help or parameters or create an instance of the block in a model (see Found Pane for more information).

Using the Search Toolbar to Find Blocks

To find blocks whose names contain or match a specified text string:

  1. Enter the string in the toolbar search text combo box (see Search Text Combo Box).

  2. Use the toolbar search options menu to specify the search options you want to use, e.g., match whole words (see Search Options Menu).

  3. Select the toolbar Search button to start the search.

The Library Browser searches the libraries installed on your system whose names contain or match the search string you specified, depending on the options you specified. It displays the results of the search in its Found pane (see Found Pane).

Search Text Combo Box

The search text combo box allows you to specify the text string to be used to search the block libraries on your system. The combo box consists of an edit field and a drop-down list of search strings that you previously entered in the current or previous sessions. To specify a string, enter the string in the edit field or choose a string from the drop-down list.

Search Options Menu

The Search Options menu allows you to specify various search options. To display the menu, select the search options menu button on the Search toolbar.

Regular Expression

Treat search text as a MATLAB® regular expression (see Regular Expressions).

Match Case

Consider case when matching search text against block names.

Match Whole Word

Allow a match only if the search string matches a word, i.e., text set off by white space, in a block's name.

Search Button

Selecting this button initiates a search of the block libraries on your system, using the text string and search options specified in the toolbar's search text combo box (see Search Text Combo Box) and search options menu (see Search Options Menu), respectively.

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