Variant Manager Overview

Using the Variant Manager you can define and manage variant configurations in the following ways.

  • Explore, visualize, and manipulate variant hierarchy.

  • Define, validate, and visualize variant configurations.

  • Define and validate constraints for the model.

  • Specify the default active configuration.

  • Set control variables to either strings or Simulink.Parameter objects.

  • Associate Simulink.VariantConfigurationData object with model.

  • Validate a variant configuration or model without updating the model.

The Variant Manager contains the following panes.

  • The Variant Configuration Data pane enables you to define variant configurations and constraints, and export them as variant configuration data objects. See Variant Configuration Data Pane.

  • The Model Hierarchy pane enables you to visualize the variant hierarchy. See Model Hierarchy Pane.

  • The Validation Results pane displays information on the source of control variables and validation errors. See Validation Results Pane.

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