Inspect and Analyze Simulation Results

Inspect and compare simulation results to validate model designs using the Simulation Data Inspector

You can use the Simulation Data Inspector to inspect and compare data from multiple simulations. For example, you can check to see if the difference between two signals is within a certain design tolerance. To learn more, see Simulation Data Inspector in Your Workflow.


find Access and display values of simulation results
get Access and display values of simulation results
whoList names of top-level data logging objects in Simulink ModelDataLogs data log
Simulink.sdi.viewOpen the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.closeClose the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setSubPlotLayoutSet subplot layout in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.setTableGroupingChange signal grouping hierarchy in Inspect pane
Simulink.sdi.getMarkersOnReturn logical indication of marker property
Simulink.sdi.setMarkersOnControl whether markers are shown
Simulink.sdi.clearPreferencesClear Simulation Data Inspector preference changes
Simulink.sdi.enablePCTSupportControl how the Simulation Data Inspector works with the Parallel Computing Toolbox
Simulink.sdi.isPCTSupportEnabledDetermine status for Parallel Computing Toolbox support
Simulink.sdi.cleanupWorkerResourcesClean up worker repositories
Simulink.sdi.compareRunsCompare the data in two simulation runs
Simulink.sdi.compareSignalsCompare data from two signals
Simulink.sdi.getRunGet a Simulink.sdi.Run object containing simulation output data
Simulink.sdi.copyRunCreate a copy of a run
Simulink.sdi.deleteRunDelete a run from the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.createRunCreate a run in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getRunNamingRuleGet the run naming rule for Simulation Data Inspector runs
Simulink.sdi.setRunNamingRuleSpecify a run naming rule
Simulink.sdi.resetRunNamingRuleReset the Simulation Data Inspector run naming rule to the default
Simulink.sdi.setRunOverwriteEnable overwrite run mode for a Simulation Data Inspector run
Simulink.sdi.getRunCountGet the number of runs in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.getRunIDByIndexGet the run ID corresponding to the specified run index
Simulink.sdi.getAllRunIDs Get all run identifiers within the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.isValidRunIDDetermine if run ID is valid
Simulink.sdi.copyRunViewSettingsCopy signal line style and color specifications from one run to another run
Simulink.sdi.createRunOrAddToStreamedRun Create a single run for all simulation outputs
Simulink.sdi.getSignalGet a Simulink.sdi.Signal object for the specified signal in the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.deleteSignalDelete a signal from the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.addToRunAdd data to existing run
Simulink.sdi.markSignalForStreamingTurn streaming on or off for a signal
Simulink.sdi.saveSave current Simulation Data Inspector session
Simulink.sdi.loadLoad a saved Simulation Data Inspector session or view
Simulink.sdi.clearClear all data from the Simulation Data Inspector
Simulink.sdi.exportRun Create a Simulink.SimulationData.Dataset object of the data in the specified run
Simulink.sdi.reportGenerate a Simulation Data Inspector report
loadIntoMemoryLoad logged data into memory


Simulink.sdi.DiffRunResultAccess run comparison metadata
Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResultAccess signal comparison results
Simulink.sdi.RunAccess run signals and metadata
Simulink.sdi.Signal Access signal data and metadata
Simulink.sdi.WorkerRun Access simulation data from parallel workers
Simulink.SimulationData.DatasetCreate Simulink.SimulationData.Dataset object
Simulink.sdi.DatasetRefAccess data in Simulation Data Inspector repository Datastore for Simulation Data Inspector signals
Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignalsAccess logged signals in model
Simulink.HMI.SignalSpecificationInformation for logging a signal


Simulation Data Inspector in Your Workflow

Use Simulation Data Inspector to inspect and compare simulation data throughout the multiple stages of model development.

Decide How to Visualize Simulation Data

Explains how to display your output directories.

Populate the Simulation Data Inspector with Your Data

Use Simulation Data Inspector to view data from several sources.

Inspect Simulation Data

View and inspect data from simulations or from imported data.

Compare Simulation Data

Compare signals or simulation runs.

How the Simulation Data Inspector Compares Data

The Simulation Data Inspector applies specified tolerances and signal alignment techniques when comparing timeseries data.

Create Plots Using the Simulation Data Inspector

Create plots to analyze and present your data.

Iterate Model Design with the Simulation Data Inspector

Prepare your model to log data to the Simulation Data Inspector.

Organize Your Simulation Data Inspector Workspace

Change the arrangement of the interface and the signals you want to analyze.

Inspect and Compare Data Programmatically

Use the Simulation Data Inspector API to plot and compare simulation data.

Save and Share Simulation Data Inspector Data and Views

Share exported simulation runs, Simulation Data Inspector sessions and views, and plot images and figures.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Simulation Data Inspector

Use the keyboard to control the Simulation Data Inspector.

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