MAAB Control Algorithm Modeling

MathWorks® Automotive Advisory Board Control Algorithm Modeling Guidelines Using MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Stateflow®
  • Introduction
    Discusses motivation for the guidelines, describes the information provided for each guideline, explains expectations on how the information will be used, and provides a summary of Model Advisor checks for guideline compliance
  • Software Environment
    Describes guidelines for software environment
  • Naming Conventions
    Describes guidelines for naming conventions that apply to subsystems, Inport and Outport blocks, signal lines, and block names. Also, describes a guideline that identifies dialog box fields in which you may use a local language.
  • Model Architecture
    Describes guidelines for model architecture that apply to Simulink and Stateflow partitioning, subsystem hierarchies, and decomposition.
  • Model Configuration Options
    Describes guidelines for model configuration options that apply to optimization parameters for Boolean data types and model diagnostics.
  • Simulink
    Describes guidelines for Simulink model diagram appearance, signals, block usage, block parameters, and modeling patterns.
  • Stateflow
    Describes guidelines for Stateflow chart appearance, data and operations, events, state chart patterns, and flow chart patterns.
  • Enumerated Data
    Describes guidelines for enumerated data
  • MATLAB Functions
    Describes guidelines for MATLAB Functions
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