cgsl_0102: Evenly spaced breakpoints in lookup tables

ID: Titlecgsl_0102: Evenly spaced breakpoints in lookup tables
DescriptionWhen you use Lookup Table and Prelookup blocks,
AWith non-fixed-point data types, use evenly spaced data breakpoints for the input axis
BWith fixed-point data types, use power of two spaced breakpoints for the input axis
NotesEvenly-spaced breakpoints can prevent generated code from including division operations, resulting in faster execution.
RationaleA Improve ROM usage and execution speed.

Improve execution speed.

When compared to unevenly-spaced data, power-of-two data can

  • Increase data RAM usage if you require a finer step size

  • Reduce accuracy if you use a coarser step size

Compared to an evenly-spaced data set, there should be minimal cost in memory or accuracy.

Model Advisor ChecksEmbedded Coder > Identify questionable fixed-point operations

For check details, see Identify questionable fixed-point operations.

See Also

Formulation of Evenly Spaced Breakpoints in the Simulink® documentation

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