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cgsl_0206: Data integrity and determinism in multitasking models

ID: Titlecgsl_0206: Data integrity and determinism in multitasking models
DescriptionFor multitasking models that are deployed with a preemptive (interruptible) operating system, protect the integrity of selected signals by doing one of the following:
ASelect the Rate Transition block parameter Ensure data integrity during data transfer.
BFor Inport blocks in Function Called subsystems, select the block parameter Latch input for feedback signals of function-call subsystem outputs.
To protect selected signal determinism, do one of the following:
CSelect the Rate Transition block parameter Ensure deterministic data transfer (maximum delay).
  • Select the model parameter Solver > Automatically handle rate transition for data transfer.

  • Set the model parameter Solver > Deterministic data transfer to either Whenever possible or Always.

Prerequisitescgsl_0205:Signal handling for multirate models
Following this guideline protects data against possible corruption of preemptive (interruptible) operating systems.

Multitasking systems with a non-preemptive operating system do not require data integrity or determinism protection. In this case, clear the parameters Ensure data integrity during data transfer and Ensure deterministic data transfer.

Ensuring data integrity and determinism requires additional memory and execution time. To reduce this additional expense, evaluate signals to determine the level of protection that they require.

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