jm_0010: Port block names in Simulink models

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jm_0010: Port block names in Simulink® models


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For some items, though you may not be able to define a single approach for internal processes of all organizations, within a given organization, try to follow a single, consistent approach. An organization applying the guidelines must enforce one of the following options:

  • Names of Inport and Outport blocks must match corresponding signal or bus names.


    • When any combination of an Inport block, an Outport block, and any other block have the same block name, use a suffix or prefix on the Inport and Outport blocks.

    • One common suffix / prefix is _in for Inport blocks and _out for Outport blocks.

    • You may use any suffix or prefix on the ports, however, the prefix that you select must be consistent.

    • Library blocks and reusable subsystems that encapsulate generic functionality.

  • When names of Inport and Outport blocks are hidden, apply a consistent naming practice for the blocks. Suggested practices include leaving the default names (for example, Out1), giving them the same name as the associated signal, or giving them a shortened or mangled version of the name of the associated signal.


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Model Advisor Check

By Task > Modeling Standards for MAAB > Simulink > Check for matching port and signal names

For check details, see Check for matching port and signal names.

Introduced in R2010a

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