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Model Exploration

View and modify elements of Simulink® models, Stateflow® charts, and workspace variables


find_system Find systems, blocks, lines, ports, and annotations
find_mdlrefs Find Model blocks and referenced models at all levels or at top level only
Simulink.findVars Analyze relationship between variables and blocks in models
dependencies.fileDependencyAnalysis Find model file dependencies
dependencies.toolboxDependencyAnalysis Find toolbox dependencies


Simulink.MDLInfo Extract model file information without loading block diagram into memory
Simulink.MDLInfo.getDescription Extract model file description without loading block diagram into memory
Simulink.MDLInfo.getMetadata Extract model file metadata without loading block diagram into memory

Examples and How To

Find Model Elements in Simulink Models

Use different approaches to locate model elements, based on model complexity and goals.

Edit and Manage Workspace Variables Used by Models

Find out which workspace variables are used by a model or block, find blocks that use a variable, find unused variables, and rename a variable everywhere it is used by blocks. Save and load variables from a separate file.

Search Inside Project Files and Filter File Views

Search inside models and other files across your Simulink project, and filter files to display.

Perform Impact Analysis

Visualize dependencies in a Simulink project, assess the impact of changing selected files, find required toolboxes, and run test files.

View Linked Requirements in Models and Blocks

How to work with model requirements

Find Requirements Documents in a Project

View and open requirements documents in a Simulink project, linked using the Requirements Management Interface, visualize dependencies, and find specific blocks containing requirements links.

Search and Edit Using Model Explorer

Describes Model Explorer controls to find and modify model elements and customize views.

Use Viewmarks to Save Views of Models

Bookmark a view of a model so you can quickly go to that part of the model later.

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