Modeling Fundamentals

Build block diagram models using blocks and signal lines

Learn the basics you need to build models and be productive in the Simulink® editing environment.

Build a Simple Model covers the complete modeling process, from starting the software to building the block diagram to simulating and viewing results. Master the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that speed up model building.

Parts of a Model introduces concepts and vocabulary that serve as a foundation for learning about and using Simulink beyond the basics.


simulink Open Simulink Start Page
start_simulink Start Simulink without opening any windows
slLibraryBrowser Open Simulink Library Browser
new_system Create empty Simulink system
open_system Open Simulink model, library, subsystem, or block dialog box
load_system Invisibly load Simulink model
Simulink.createFromTemplate Create model or project from template
Simulink.findTemplates Find model or project templates with specified properties
add_block Add block to model
add_line Add line to Simulink system
replace_block Replace blocks in Simulink model
delete_block Delete blocks from Simulink system
delete_line Delete line from Simulink system
bdroot Return name of top-level Simulink system
find_system Find systems, blocks, lines, ports, and annotations
gcs Get pathname of current system
getfullname Get pathname of block or line
gcb Get pathname of current block
gcbh Get handle of current block
getSimulinkBlockHandle Get block handle from block path
set_param Set system and block parameter values
get_param Get parameter names and values
add_param Add parameter to Simulink system
delete_param Delete system parameter added via add_param command
Simulink.BlockDiagram.createSubSystem Create subsystem containing specified set of blocks
Simulink.BlockDiagram.deleteContents Delete contents of block diagram
Simulink.BlockDiagram.expandSubsystem Expand subsystem contents to containing model level
Simulink.SubSystem.copyContentsToBlockDiagram Copy contents of subsystem to empty block diagram
Simulink.SubSystem.deleteContents Delete contents of subsystem
save_system Save Simulink system
close_system Close Simulink system window or block dialog box
Simulink.exportToTemplate Create template from model or project
Simulink.exportToVersion Export model or library for use in previous version of Simulink
bdclose Close any or all Simulink system windows unconditionally
bdIsLoaded Whether block diagram is in memory
bdIsLibrary Whether block diagram is a library
slCharacterEncoding Change MATLAB character set encoding
slIsFileChangedOnDisk Determine whether model has changed since it was loaded
print Print figure or save to specific file format
orient Hardcopy paper orientation
frameedit Edit print frames for Simulink and Stateflow block diagrams
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