Run Simulation

Simulate models Interactively or in batch mode, create repeatable simulations with SimState, run Monte Carlo simulations

You can run simulation of a model interactively by clicking the Run button in the Simulink® Editor.

With interactive simulation, you can start, stop, and pause a simulation from the Simulink Editor. You can view simulation results live, and interact with the simulation in various ways, including changing tunable parameters. You can also step forward or back through a simulation, and perform iterative simulations without recompiling your model.

With programmatic simulation, you can run multiple unattended simulations from the MATLAB® command prompt. You can perform Monte Carlo analysis by changing the parameters randomly and executing simulations in a loop. You can also run multiple simulations simultaneously.

  • Interactive Simulation
    Run simulation from model, view live results, interact with simulation
  • Programmatic Simulation
    Run simulation from MATLAB command line, run multiple simulations using different model parameters or input data, sweep parameters across a range of values

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