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Force call to mdlTerminate


Guarantees the Simulink® engine calls the S-function's mdlTerminate method before destroying a block that references the S-function. Calling mdlTerminate allows your S-function to clean up after itself, for example, by freeing memory it allocated during a simulation. The engine destroys an S-function block under the following circumstances.

  1. A simulation ends either normally or as a result of invoking ssSetErrorStatus.

  2. A user deletes the block.

  3. The engine eliminates the block as part of a block reduction optimization (see Block reduction).

If this option is not set, the engine calls your S-function's mdlTerminate method only if the mdlStart method of at least one block in the model containing the S-function executed without error.


See the S-function sfun_runtime3.c for an example.

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Introduced in R2007b

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