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Support data type aliases


Specifies how the S-function handles signals whose data types are aliases (see Simulink.Aliastype for more information about data type aliases). If this option is set and the S-function's inputs and outputs use data type aliases, SimStruct macros such as ssGetInputPortDataType and ssGetOutputPortDataType return the data type IDs of those aliases. However, if this option is not set, the SimStruct macros return the data type IDs associated with the equivalent built-in data types instead. For a list of built-in values for the data type ID, see ssGetInputPortDataType.

    Note   If you have Simulink® Coder™, and this option is not set and the S-function's inputs use data type aliases, the Simulink engine attempts to propagate the aliases to the S-function's outputs. However, this process can fail, in which case the engine propagates the equivalent built-in data types instead. To explicitly control the propagation of data type aliases through an S-function, enable the SS_OPTION_SUPPORTS_ALIAS_DATA_TYPES option.

Introduced in R2007b

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