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Get the base data type associated with a data type alias


DTypeId ssGetDataTypeIdAliasedThruTo(SimStruct *S, DTypeId id)



SimStruct representing an S-Function block.


ID of the data type alias.


The base data type ID associated with the data type alias specified by id.


Use to obtain the base data type associated with a data type alias. In a model, you can use a data type alias to represent these base data types:

  • Floating-point types

  • Integer types

  • Boolean

  • Enumerated types

  • Fixed-point types

For a list of values for the data type ID DTypeId, see ssGetInputPortDataType.

    Note:   ssGetDataTypeIdAliasedThruTo requires that you use ssSetOptions to set the SS_OPTION_SUPPORTS_ALIAS_DATA_TYPES option in order for your to S-function recognize data type aliases.

For more information about using custom data types in S-functions, see Custom Data Types.


C, C++

Introduced in R2006a

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