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Get number of data types registered for this simulation, including built-in types


int_T ssGetNumDataTypes(SimStruct *S)



SimStruct representing an S-Function block.


An int_T value indicating the number of registered data types.


Use to obtain the number of data types registered for this simulation. This includes all custom data types registered by custom S-Function blocks and all built-in data types. For a list of built-in data types, see ssGetInputPortDataType.

    Note   S-functions register their data types in their implementations of the mdlInitializeSizes callback function. Therefore, to ensure that this macro returns an accurate count, your S-function should invoke it only after the point in the simulation at which the Simulink® engine invokes the mdlInitializeSizes callback function.

For more information about using custom data types in S-functions, see Custom Data Types.


C, C++

Introduced before R2006a

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