Register a dialog parameter as a run-time parameter


void ssRegDlgParamAsRunTimeParam(SimStruct *S, int_T dlgIdx,
 int_T rtIdx, const char_T *name, DTypeId dtId)



SimStruct representing an S-Function block.


Index of the dialog parameter.


Index of the run-time parameter.


Name of the run-time parameter.


Value of type DTypeId that specifies the data type of the run-time parameter.


Use this function in mdlSetWorkWidths to register the dialog parameter specified by dlgIdx as a run-time parameter specified by rtIdx and having the name and data type specified by name and dtId, respectively. This function also initializes the run-time parameter to the initial value of the dialog parameter, converting the value to the specified data type if necessary. For a list of built-in values for the data type ID dtId, see ssGetInputPortDataType.

If the data type conversion results in precision loss or data overflow, the Simulink® engine takes the action defined by the Diagnostics Pane: Data Validity configuration parameters. See the Diagnostics Pane: Data Validity reference page in Simulink Graphical User Interface for a description of the data validity settings that apply to parameters.

See Run-Time Parameters for more information on run-time parameters.


C, C++

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