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Determine whether a sample time and offset value pair indicate a triggered or asynchronous sample time


boolean_T ssSampleAndOffsetAreTriggeredOrAsync(real_T st, real_T ot)



The sample time.


The offset time


The Boolean value true if st is equal to INHERITED_SAMPLE_TIME (-1) and ot is either INHERITED_SAMPLE_TIME (-1) or any other negative integer.


The Simulink® engine sets the sample time and offset pairs of a block or its ports (for port-based sample times) to INHERITED_SAMPLE_TIME if the block resides in a triggered subsystem. The Simulink engine sets the offset time to an integer value less than -1 when the block resides in an asynchronous function-call subsystem. By invoking this macro on its sample time/offset pairs, an S-function can determine whether it resides in a triggered subsystem or an asynchronous function-call subsystem.


C, C++

Introduced in R2007a

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