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Specify whether this S-function explicitly enables and disables the function-call subsystem that it calls


void ssSetExplicitFCSSCtrl(SimStruct *S, uint_T explicit)



SimStruct representing an S-Function block.


1 if this S-function explicitly enables and disables the function-call subsystems it enables


Specify 1 as the value of explicit if S explicitly enables or disables the function-call subsystems that it calls. Call this macro in either mdlInitializeSizes or mdlInitializeSampleTimes. Use ssEnableSystemWithTid and ssDisableSystemWithTid to subsequently enable and disable the function-call subsystem. See Function-Call Subsystems and S-Functions for more information on interfacing S-functions and function-call subsystems.

    Note   If the S-function is set to explicitly enable and disable a function-call subsystem, the S-function must enable the function-call subsystem using ssEnableSystemWithTid prior to calling it using ssCallSystemWithTid.


C, C++

Introduced before R2006a

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