Specify whether a port accepts signal frames


void ssSetInputPortFrameData(SimStruct *S,  int_T port,
  Frame_T frameData)



SimStruct representing an S-Function block.


Index of an input port.


Type of signal accepted by port. Acceptable values are FRAME_INHERITED (either frame or unframed input), FRAME_NO (unframed input only), and FRAME_YES (framed input only).


Use in mdlInitializeSizes to specify whether the port accepts frame signals. By default, input ports do not accept frame signals (FRAME_NO). If the S-function specifies FRAME_INHERITED for any of its ports, the S-function should include an mdlSetInputPortFrameData callback method. This callback method sets the frame status of ports that inherit their frame status to the value that the Simulink® engine assigns to them during frame status propagation. The engine passes the assigned status to the callback as an argument. The callback method can also use this function to assign the frame status of other ports on the block whose frame status depends on the frame status of the port that inherits its frame status.

The use of frame-based signals (frameData has a value of FRAME_YES) requires a DSP System Toolbox™ product license.


C, C++

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