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Signal Attributes

Modify signal attribute blocks such as Data Type Conversion


Data Type Conversion Convert input signal to specified data type
Bus to Vector Convert virtual bus to vector
Data Type Conversion Inherited Convert from one data type to another using inherited data type and scaling
Data Type Duplicate Force all inputs to same data type
Data Type Propagation Set data type and scaling of propagated signal based on information from reference signals
Data Type Scaling Strip Remove scaling and map to built in integer
IC Set initial value of signal
Probe Output signal attributes, including width, dimensionality, sample time, and complex signal flag
Rate Transition Handle transfer of data between blocks operating at different rates
Signal Conversion Convert signal to new type without altering signal values
Signal Specification Specify desired dimensions, sample time, data type, numeric type, and other attributes of signal
Weighted Sample Time Support calculations involving sample time
Width Output width of input vector
Unit Conversion Convert units
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