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Signal Routing

Route signal blocks such as Bus Creator and Switch


Bus Creator Create signal bus
Bus Selector Select signals from incoming bus
Demux Extract and output elements of vector signal
Mux Combine several input signals into vector
Switch Switch output between first input and third input based on value of second input
Bus Assignment Replace specified bus elements
Data Store Memory Define data store
Data Store Read Read data from data store
Data Store Write Write data to data store
Environment Controller Create branches of block diagram that apply only to simulation or only to code generation
From Accept input from Goto block
Goto Pass block input to From blocks
Goto Tag Visibility Define scope of Goto block tag
Index Vector Switch output between different inputs based on value of first input
Manual Switch Switch between two inputs
Merge Combine multiple signals into single signal
Multiport Switch Choose between multiple block inputs
Selector Select input elements from vector, matrix, or multidimensional signal
Vector Concatenate Concatenate input signals of same data type to create contiguous output signal
Variant Source Route amongst multiple inputs using variants
Variant Sink Route amongst multiple outputs using variants
Manual Variant Source Switch amongst multiple variant choices at input
Manual Variant Sink Switch amongst multiple variant choices at output
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