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Simulink Project File Management

Search, label, batch process, share, and upgrade project files, and create scripts.

Simulink® Projects help you to organize large modeling projects by finding required files, managing and sharing files and settings, and interacting with source control. See What Are Simulink Projects?.


simulinkproject Open Simulink Project and get project object
slproject.loadProject Load Simulink project
slproject.getCurrentProjects List all top-level Simulink projects
addFile Add file to Simulink Project
addFolderIncludingChildFiles Add folder and child files to Simulink Project
addLabel Attach label to Simulink Project file
addPath Add folder to path of Simulink project
addReference Add referenced project to Simulink project
addShortcut Add shortcut to Simulink project
close Close Simulink Project
createCategory Create category of Simulink Project labels
createLabel Define Simulink Project label
export Export Simulink Project to zip
findCategory Get Simulink Project category of labels
findFile Get Simulink Project file by name
findLabel Get Simulink Project file label
isLoaded Determine if Simulink Project is loaded
reload Reload Simulink Project
removeCategory Remove Simulink Project category of labels
removeLabel Remove label from Simulink Project

Examples and How To


Automate Simulink Project Tasks Using Scripts

Use the Simulink project API to automate project tasks manipulating files, including working with modified files, dependencies, shortcuts, and labels.

Frequent Tasks

Open Recent Projects

Open recent projects from MATLAB® or Simulink.

Create Shortcuts to Frequent Tasks

In Simulink Project, create shortcuts for common project tasks and to make it easy to find and access important files and operations.

Use Shortcuts to Find and Run Frequent Tasks

In Simulink Project, use shortcuts to make it easy for any project user to find and access important files and operations.

File Management

Group and Sort File Views

Control list or tree view columns and hide folders in Simulink Project file views.

Search Inside Project Files and Filter File Views

Search inside models and other files across your Simulink project, and filter files to display.

Work with Project Files

Access common file operations using the context menu in Simulink Project.

Manage Shadowed and Dirty Model Files

Avoid working on the wrong files using Simulink Project tools, check for unsaved changes in models, and close models when closing a project.

Move, Rename, Copy, or Delete Project Files

Simulink Project refactoring tools help you find and fix impact with automatic updates when you rename, delete, or move files and folders.

Back Out Changes

Undo recent changes in Simulink Project.

File Labels

Create Labels

In Simulink Project, use labels to organize files and communicate information to project users.

Add Labels to Files

In Simulink Project, use labels to organize files and communicate information to project users.

View and Edit Label Data

When you select a file in the Simulink Project Files view, the file labels appear in the label editor view.

Custom Task Processing

Create a Custom Task Function

Create functions and run them on selected Simulink project files.

Create Shortcuts to Custom Task Job Functions

Make custom task functions in the project easier to find and reuse by making them shortcuts.

Run a Simulink Project Custom Task and Publish Report

Run a function on selected project files, view results, and create a report of the results.

Sharing Projects

Archive Projects in Zip Files

Package and share project files in a zip file, for example to share with others who do not have access to the connected source control tool.

Share Project by Email

To package and share Simulink project files on Windows®, you can email your project as a zip.

Share Project as a MATLAB Toolbox

To package and share Simulink project files, create a MATLAB toolbox from your project.

Share Project on GitHub

To share your Simulink project, make your project publicly available on GitHub®.

Upgrade Projects

Upgrade All Project Models

Upgrade all the models in your project using the Upgrade Project tool in Simulink Project.

Upgrade Model Files to SLX and Preserve Revision History

Use Simulink Project tools to migrate models to SLX and maintain revision history.


What Are Simulink Projects?

Use Simulink projects to help you organize your work. Find all your required files; manage and share files, settings, and user-defined tasks; and interact with source control.

What Can You Do With Project Shortcuts?

In Simulink Project, use shortcuts to make it easy for any project user to find and access important files and operations.

Sharing Simulink Projects

Collaborate by sharing projects by email, zip, template, MATLAB toolbox, or on GitHub.

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