Get Simulink Project category of labels


category = findCategory(proj,categoryName)



category = findCategory(proj,categoryName) returns the project category specified by categoryName. You need to get a category before you can use createLabel or removeLabel.


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Open the airframe project and create a project object.

proj = simulinkproject;

Use findCategory to get a category of labels by name.

category = findCategory(proj,'Classification')
category = 

  Category with properties:

                Name: 'Classification'
            DataType: 'none'
    LabelDefinitions: [1x8 slproject.LabelDefinition]]

Alternatively, you can examine categories by index. Get the first category.

ans = 

  Category with properties:

                Name: 'Classification'
            DataType: 'none'
    LabelDefinitions: [1x8 slproject.LabelDefinition]

Find out what you can do with the category.

Methods for class slproject.Category:

createLabel          findLabel  removeLabel

Input Arguments

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Project, specified as a project object. Use simulinkproject to create a project object to manipulate a Simulink® Project at the command line.

Name of the category to get, specified as a character vector.

Output Arguments

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Category of labels, returned as a category object that you can query or modify. If the specified category is not found, the function returns an empty array.

Introduced in R2013a

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