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The Goto Tag Visibility block defines the accessibility of Goto block tags that have scoped visibility. The tag specified as the Goto tag parameter is accessible by From blocks in the same subsystem that contains the Goto Tag Visibility block and in subsystems below it in the model hierarchy.

A Goto Tag Visibility block is required for Goto blocks whose Tag Visibility parameter value is scoped. No Goto Tag Visibility block is needed if the tag visibility is either local or global. The block shows the tag name enclosed in braces ({}).

Data Type Support

Not applicable.


Goto tag

The Goto block tag whose visibility is defined by the location of this block.

If you use multiple From and Goto Tag Visibility blocks to refer to the same Goto tag, you can simultaneously rename the tag in all of the blocks. Use the Rename All button in the Goto block dialog box.


Data Types

Double | Single | Boolean | Base Integer | Fixed-Point | Enumerated | Bus

Sample Time

Not applicable

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Variable-Size Signals


Code Generation


Introduced before R2006a

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