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BeagleBoard eSpeak Text to Speech, Overo eSpeak Text to Speech, PandaBoard eSpeak Text to Speech, Raspberry Pi eSpeak Text to Speech

Convert text to speech for output on default audio device


Simulink Support Package for BeagleBoard Hardware

Simulink Support Package for Gumstix Overo Hardware

Simulink Support Package for PandaBoard Hardware

Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware


Convert text to speech using the eSpeak speech synthesizer. The synthesized speech is output by the default audio device.

The input port accepts a uint8 array containing the ASCII text to be converted: uint8('string').

For example, you can send uint8('Hello world') or uint8('1 2 3') to the input. Sending [1 2 3] to the input does not work.

If you run a simulation of a model that contains this block without the target hardware, this block does nothing. See Block Produces Zeros or Does Nothing in Simulation.


The dialog does not contain any parameters.

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