Specify a MATLAB function to run before start of each simulation through SimulationInput object, in


in.PreSimFcn = @(x) myfunction(arg1, arg2...)



in.PreSimFcn = @(x) myfunction(arg1, arg2...) runs before each simulation starts. The Simulink.SimulationInput object is passed as an argument x to this function. myfunction is any MATLAB® function and can be used to modify the Simulink.SimulationInput object. If you use myfunction to modify the Simulink.SimulationInput object, you must return Simulink.SimulationInput object as the only output argument.


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This example shows how to specify a MATLAB function through SimulationInput object to run at before start of each simulation.

Create a PreSimFcn function.

function presim(in)
signalbuilder('sf_car/User Inputs', 'ActiveGroup', in.Variables.Value)

Open the model.

model = 'sf_car';

Create an array of SimulationInput objects for this model. Use in.PreSimFcn to run presim before simulation.

 n = 4;
   for idx = n:-1:1
      in(idx) = Simulink.SimulationInput(model);
      in(idx) = in(idx).setVariable('SigIndex', idx);
      in(idx).PreSimFcn = @(x) presim(x);

Simulate the model.

out = sim(in)

Input Arguments

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This is an input to myfunction in which you can modify the Simulink.SimulationInput object.

Introduced in R2017a

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