Find objects under architecture object


  • object = Simulink.architecture.find_system(RootObject) example
  • object = Simulink.architecture.find_system(RootObject,ParamName,ParamValue) example



object = Simulink.architecture.find_system(RootObject) looks for all objects under RootObject.


object = Simulink.architecture.find_system(RootObject,ParamName,ParamValue) returns the object in RootObject whose parameter ParamName has the value ParamValue. Parameter name and value strings are case-sensitive.


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Look for all objects

To find all the objects in sldemo_concurrent_execution:

t = Simulink.architecture.find_system('sldemo_concurrent_execution')
t = 


Look for all tasks

To find all the tasks in sldemo_concurrent_execution:

t = Simulink.architecture.find_system('sldemo_concurrent_execution','Type','Task')
t = 


Input Arguments

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RootObject — Object to searchstring

Object to search for parameter value, specified as a string giving the object full path name. Possible objects are:

  • Model

  • Software node

  • Hardware node

  • Periodic trigger

  • Aperiodic trigger

  • Task

Example: 'sldemo_concurrent_execution'

ParamName — Name of parameter to findstring | scalar | vector

Name of the parameter to find, specified as a string. Possible string values are:

  • 'Name'

  • 'Type'

  • 'ClockFrequency'

  • 'Color'

  • 'Period'

  • 'EventHandlerType'

  • 'SignalNumber'

  • 'EventName'

Example: 'EventName'

ParamValue — Parameter value to findstring | scalar | vector

Parameter value to find, specified as a string, a scalar, or a vector.

Example: 'ERTDefaultEvent'

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