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Class: Simulink.ModelManagement.Project.CurrentProject
Package: Simulink.ModelManagement.Project

(To be removed) Get a list of the categories of file labels in the currently open Simulink project

    Note:   Simulink.ModelManagement.Project.CurrentProject.getCategories will be removed in a future release. Instead, use simulinkproject and then access the Categories property of the project object.


p = Simulink.ModelManagement.Project.CurrentProject()
categories = p.getCategories


p = Simulink.ModelManagement.Project.CurrentProject() creates an instance of the CurrentProject class.

categories = p.getCategories returns a cell array of category names in the currently open Simulink project.


To get a list of categories in the currently open Simulink project, use the following commands.

  1. Create an instance of the CurrentProject class.

    p = Simulink.ModelManagement.Project.CurrentProject();
  2. Use the getCategories method.

    categories = p.getCategories;
  3. To view the cell array containing the category names, use


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