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Save current Simulation Data Inspector session



example saves all runs, signals, tolerances, and signal selections to a MAT-file fileName.


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Save the Simulation Data Inspector simulation runs and specified tolerances to a MAT-file.

% Configure model "sldemo_fuelsys" for logging and simulate
simOut = sim('sldemo_fuelsys', 'SaveOutput','on', ...
             'SaveFormat', 'StructureWithTime', ...
             'ReturnWorkspaceOutputs', 'on');
% Create a run in the Simulation Data Inspector
runID = Simulink.sdi.createRun('My Run','base',{'simOut'});

% Save the current Simulation Data Inspector session'my_runs.mat');

You can also load the information back in to the Simulation Data Inspector using the Simulink.sdi.load function.

Input Arguments

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A character vector specifying the target file to save.


In the Simulation Data Inspector, click Save on the Visualize tab. For more information, see Share Simulation Data Inspector Data and Views.

Introduced in R2011b

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