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Mark simulation run for overwrite




Simulink.sdi.setRunOverwrite(runID,overwrite) marks a run identified by runID for overwriting in the Simulation Data Inspector with the next recorded simulation run.

Input Arguments


Run ID, a unique number identifying a run in the Simulation Data Inspector.

Output Arguments


Boolean value. When set to true, the next recorded simulation overwrites the run.


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Mark Run for Overwriting

This example shows how to mark a run for overwriting in the Simulation Data Inspector.

Open sldemo_fuelsys.

On the Simulink Editor toolbar, click the Record button on.

Simulate the model.

Open the Simulation Data Inspector.

In the Signal Browser table, right-click the run name and select Properties.

At the MATLAB command line, create a runID variable that uses the value of the Run ID for a run. You can find Run ID in the Properties dialog box in the Simulation Data Inspector.

runID = 1;

Set the overwrite condition to true.


In the Simulation Data Inspector, you can see the run is now marked for overwriting.

Simulate sldemo_fuelsys.

In the Simulation Data Inspector, the new recorded data replaces the previous recorded run.


In the Simulation Data Inspector tool, click a run in the Signal Browser table and then click the Overwrite Run button.

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